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If you have been on the hunt for luxury tailoring and innovative pieces that come with a sophisticated sartorial feel then you have come to the right place. Nigerian powerhouse Atafo is world renowned for meticulous craftsmanship and a quiet luxury aesthetic that’s stylishly effortless. The brand is celebrated for its modern approach to traditional Nigerian dress, however the collection also includes bespoke tailored garments, dramatic wedding gowns, and ready-to-wear pieces that translate effortlessly into any boss wardrobe. And if creative director Mai Atafo’s statement style is anything to go by, you are in the safest of hands for all your wardrobe needs.

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  1. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Crystallised Single Button Jacket
    crystallised single button jacket
    As low as $1,443.00
  2. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Three Piece Grey Suit
    three piece grey suit
    As low as $1,110.00
  3. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Crystallised Two Piece Suit
    crystallised two piece suit
    As low as $1,110.00
  4. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Cargo Crop Top & Pants
    cargo crop top & pants
    As low as $377.40
  5. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Grey Three Piece
    grey three piece
    As low as $1,065.60
  6. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Shacket Two Piece
    shacket two piece
    As low as $421.80
  7. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Beaded Tradxedo
    beaded tradxedo
    As low as $621.60
  8. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Cropped Jacket & Khaki Skirt
    cropped jacket & khaki skirt
    As low as $555.00
  9. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Jazz Jacket & Midi Skirt
    jazz jacket & midi skirt
    As low as $333.00
  10. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    Silk Two Piece Suit
    silk two piece suit
    As low as $1,110.00
  11. ATAFO no imageNigeria
    ATAFO Custom Print Two Piece Suit
    atafo custom print two piece suit
    As low as $1,110.00

11 Items

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