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Designed and created by women for women, Kenyan jewellery brand Auva is an ode to self discovery and a joyous celebration of the self. Creative director Kawthar Ali would like her pieces to be an ode to the women who constantly defy the status quo. Working alongside a team of Nairobi-based artisans, she creates fluid, modern pieces in solid silver and gold. From multi-metal pairings to clever constructions incorporating negative space, each piece feels bold in its simplicity and design. A reflection of the wearer, these pieces stand comfortably within themselves, hinting at a deep strength within. Wear these on their own or stack in a modern mix of warm and cool tones.

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  1. AUVA no imageKenya
    Evora ring
    evora ring
    As low as $42.94
  2. AUVA no imageKenya
    Zora ring
    zora ring
    As low as $24.54
  3. AUVA no imageKenya
    Amara Gold ring
    amara gold ring
    As low as $38.65
  4. AUVA no imageKenya
    Dahlia love pendant silver
    dahlia love pendant silver
    As low as $51.91
  5. AUVA no imageKenya
    Daphne drop necklace
    daphne drop necklace
    As low as $49.62
  6. AUVA no imageKenya
    Orion snake ring
    orion snake ring
    As low as $38.65
  7. AUVA no imageKenya
    Sienna earrings silver
    sienna earrings silver
    As low as $48.09
  8. AUVA no imageKenya
    Amara Silver ring
    amara silver ring
    As low as $38.65
  9. AUVA no imageKenya
    Sienna earrings gold
    sienna earrings gold
    As low as $48.09
  10. AUVA no imageKenya
    Dahlia love pendant gold
    dahlia love pendant gold
    As low as $51.91

10 Items

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