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no imageCôte d’Ivoire

Jewellery is often seen as a unique way for a woman to assert her identity and originality. So when Sabine Nomvia looked around, she was disappointed with the jewellery offering in her native Ivory Coast. So the determined entrepreneur decided to take matters into her own creative hands and jewellery brand Bee’s was born. The ambition is to share the designer’s universe, a cocktail of African influences mixed with inspiration from abroad, both past and present. Bee’s jewels and accessories are abstract and bold. The designer works in bronze gilded with fine gold (all her pieces are nickel free). Shapes are constructed to represent universal symbols like hearts and leaves or else come with deeper more nuanced meanings. Her latest collection is about motherhood and how self-love is essential in order to love another human being unconditionally. The brand’s womb earrings for example represent an abstract view of pregnancy which results in mismatched organic shapes cleverly constructed in an eternally fluid and ever changing form. There is a defined style to all her pieces where, even if geometry is present, small hints of asymmetry or imperfection within the design are included as a poetic signature.

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  1. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Womb Earrings
    womb earrings
    As low as $73.96
  2. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Hibisbloom Earrings
    hibisbloom earrings
    As low as $52.59
  3. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Self Love Earrings
    self love earrings
    As low as $57.52
  4. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    'M' Earrings
    'm' earrings
    As low as $65.74
  5. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Yenissa Earrings
    yenissa earrings
    As low as $57.52
  6. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Connect-The-Dots Hoop Earrings
    connect-the-dots hoop earrings
    As low as $65.74
  7. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Safety Pin Earrings
    safety pin earrings
    As low as $73.96
  8. BEE`S no imageCôte d’Ivoire
    Mom Earrings
    mom earrings
    As low as $78.89

8 Items

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