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CAPE SOUL is an exciting, RTW and whimsical Nigerian brand that embodies the new wave of

progressive Africa, whilst remaining true to the essence of feeding the soul. It is

a statement and recognition of Africa’s ability to achieve more, out of what she 

ia abundantly blessed with.

Our story began with an island visit, a chat between friends and a resolve to create

a whimsical journey. Cape Soul Co-Founders, Ameena Aliyu-Beighton and Osaru Alile, have been friends since

high school. They formed a pleasantly cohesive partnership from their shared love of everything whimsical. Ameena has a background in

International Relations and Diplomacy, whilst Osaru is a trained Interior Designer. Cape Soul, since 2016, have carved out a niche market for themselves, creating eye-catching, embellished capes with bold prints.

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  1. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    The Blaze (Blue)
    the blaze (blue)
    As low as $110.00
  2. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    The Ankara Classic
    the ankara classic
    As low as $100.00
  3. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    The Classic Cape
    the classic cape
    As low as $100.00
  4. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    Rich Aunty Wrap Blue
    rich aunty wrap blue
    As low as $100.00
  5. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    Rich Aunty Wrap Brown
    rich aunty wrap brown
    As low as $100.00
  6. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    The Brocade Classic
    the brocade classic
    As low as $100.00
  7. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    Organza Trim Wrap
    organza trim wrap
    As low as $50.00
  8. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    Th DK Wrap
    th dk wrap
    As low as $250.00
  9. CAPE SOUL no imageNigeria
    Blaze Shirt
    blaze shirt
    As low as $110.00

9 Items

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