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LYDS is a leather goods brand 100% made in Africa. Founded in 2015, the brand offers three lines of accessories dedicated to women, men and creative kits co-created with companies. Each piece created is inspired by the stories of the people around us - from traditional African craftsmanship to modern design techniques. We are passionate about creating beautiful pieces that celebrate our culture while also being functional and stylish for everyday use. Our mission is to create high quality products that will last you a lifetime! LYDS DESIGNS is a company that specializes in creating unique and trendy leather accessories. We are committed to promoting the leather goods market in Africa, while also encouraging economic and social development of made-in-Africa creations. Our products showcase the incredible work of our local artisans, who use traditional methods to create beautiful pieces with an African flair. With every purchase you make from us, you can be sure that your money goes towards supporting these talented individuals and their communities.

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  1. LYDS no imageSenegal
    ese (mauve)
    As low as $107.55
  2. LYDS no imageSenegal
    Elikia Macro Bag
    elikia macro bag
    As low as $99.28
  3. LYDS no imageSenegal
    aza wallet silver
    As low as $39.21
  4. LYDS no imageSenegal
    aza wallet (red)
    As low as $39.21
  5. LYDS no imageSenegal
    Elikia Micro
    elikia micro
    As low as $99.28
  6. LYDS no imageSenegal
    Elikia Mini Bag
    elikia mini bag
    As low as $99.28
  7. LYDS no imageSenegal
    Coumakh Bag
    coumakh bag
    As low as $86.87
  8. LYDS no imageSenegal
    ESE (BLUE)
    ese (blue)
    As low as $107.55
  9. LYDS no imageSenegal
    Coumba Bag
    coumba bag
    As low as $115.19
  10. LYDS no imageSenegal
    As low as $132.65
  11. LYDS no imageSenegal
    As low as $116.86

11 Items

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