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Unapologetically feminine, Ghanaian brand Awovi prides itself on embracing the female body. With its penchant for fun textural details and luxe fabrications it creates standout pieces that will sparkle for all day affairs, a school run or a night out on the town. The brand’s trademark fringing is shown off to full effect in form fitting body suits and mini frou-frou skirts. Or else for more formal occasions try the dramatic Kora dress or floaty Ade palazzo pants. Proudly African, the brand seeks to showcase the raw talents and ingenuity of the creative minds and skilled hands of their artisans who are mostly women. The aim is to help alleviate poverty and lessen the gender gap in the African job market. There is also an environmental focus in using natural and sustainable raw materials in a responsible and ethical production processes that seeks to eliminate production waste as much as possible.

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  1. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Carla Dress
    carla dress
    As low as $35.48
  2. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Ade Pants
    ade pants
    As low as $26.75
  3. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Brina Dress
    brina dress
    As low as $57.50
  4. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Kora Dress
    kora dress
    As low as $49.00
  5. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Shera Dress
    shera dress
    As low as $38.71
  6. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Anti Shirt Dress
    anti shirt dress
    As low as $35.48
  7. AWOVI no imageGhana
    Hayet Bodysuit
    hayet bodysuit
    As low as $33.50

7 Items

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