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At Detail Africa, we create designs and work closely with the most talented local artisans to bring these designs to life. We create locally made finished leather products that are globally competitive in terms of quality. We are also constantly evolving by continuously improving and transforming our products and customer experience.

The brand was born out of the founder's observation of the unpopularity of men carrying proper leather work bags in Nigeria about four years ago. The founder knew there was a gap in the market and so he went on to do further research. The purpose of the brand is to bridge the quality gap and put Africa on the global scale in terms of fashion, especially when it comes to mens' leather bags and other leather accessories.

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  1. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Army Green Plain Homa
    army green plain homa
    As low as $37.30
  2. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Wine Plain Homa
    wine plain homa
    As low as $37.30
  3. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Yellow Plain Homa
    yellow plain homa
    As low as $37.30
  4. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Green Plain Homa
    green plain homa
    As low as $37.30
  5. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Antele V2 Briefcase
    antele v2 briefcase
    As low as $44.08
  6. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Antele V1 Briefcase
    antele v1 briefcase
    As low as $44.08
  7. DETAIL AFRICA no imageNigeria
    Naju Briefcase
    naju briefcase
    As low as $44.08

7 Items

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