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ENIGBI, where fashion meets comfort, style, effortless class, innovation and sustainability. At ENIGBI, we are dedicated to crafting timeless pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. With a keen eye for details and a passion for creativty, we belive that fashion should be accessible, versatile and above all enjoyable. inspiring individuals to embrace their unique sense of style as our catch phrase is, "BEAUTIFYING YOUR UNIQUENESS." our collections are curated with blending contemporary trends with classic silhouettes to create pieces that flatter different body types and also easy transition from day to night. we design and hand dye some of our textiles for use in producing our ready to wear clothing which makes it exclusive to a few but yet affordable. join us in this journey of self-expression as we continue to push the boundaries of fashion.
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  1. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Aret Shirt Dress
    aret shirt dress
    As low as $19.00
  2. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Diaz Floral Blouse
    diaz floral blouse
    As low as $14.00
  3. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    The Zita Shirt Dress
    the zita shirt dress
    As low as $19.00
  4. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    the stacy mini dress
    As low as $18.00
  5. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    aret adire shirt dress
    As low as $25.00
  6. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Nenkai dress
    nenkai dress
    As low as $12.00
  7. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Galaxy boubou
    galaxy boubou
    As low as $20.00
  8. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Dara floral dress
    dara floral dress
    As low as $12.00
  9. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
     Konye mix dress
    konye mix dress
    As low as $14.00
  10. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Koli mix dress
    koli mix dress
    As low as $12.00
  11. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Ayamba Set
    ayamba set
    As low as $16.00
  12. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Eta set
    eta set
    As low as $16.00
  13. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    Ennang set
    ennang set
    As low as $20.00
  14. ENIGBI no imageNigeria
    The Kamkah Blouse
    the kamkah blouse
    Out of stock

14 Items

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