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Christel Grat is a French Caribbean entrepreneur who has been living in South Africa since 2014 after a career in Europe in tax and wealth management.

Christel passion for design and African fabrics took a new dimension when she became involved in the operations of Little Rose, an orphanage and community center located in Kliptown, one of Soweto's poorest neighborhoods. At Little Rose, with a group of individuals, Christel has been developing an innovative sewing workshop that is bringing business and resources to disadvantaged talented female artisans.

Leveraging this experience and with the ambition to impact many more artisans, Christel is now launching “Kalunza” which is a brand and platform that offer to the world selected premium handmade African creations that bring color and purpose to day-to-day products of the modern life such as lap top covers, mobile cases, notebooks etc.

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