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Maasai Treads

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Maasai Treads was established in August 2005, and over the years we have grown into a brand that creates not just footwear but a liveihood for those who are part of the process. 

The brand's primary focus is to create compelling lifestyle and fashionable footwear and accessories that utilize 100% recyclable products. We recycle old car tyres, old leather jackets, denim, hemp and kikoy. We currently have 12 different flagship designs as well as seasonal designs that simply change with times.

Maasai Treads currently designs, manufactures and retails footwear for men, women and children. We manufacture soft, comfortable and odor-resistant shoes and sandals for casual wear as wel as recreational uses such as boating and hiking.

Yes, our mission was to create an incredible and unforgettable product, but we didn't want to just make sandals, we wanted to make a difference. The interest has not just been the product but what it stands for has grown tremendously.

Our skilled artisans are able to make upto 100pairs of shoes a week with each shoe given the attention, love and care it deserves. 

To us, MaasaiTreads stands for recycling, community involvement, education and giving back to other conservative projects.

When you buy MaasaiTreads, you join "The Initiative" you become part of "The Sole of Africa".

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  1. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Jean with leather Hatua
    jean with leather hatua
    As low as $18.66
  2. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Black Hatua
    black hatua
    As low as $18.66
  3. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Jeans with Shuka Hatua
    jeans with shuka hatua
    As low as $18.66
  4. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Savannah Boots
    savannah boots
    As low as $28.36
  5. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Men Tsavo Treads
    men tsavo treads
    As low as $14.18
  6. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Men Flip flops
    men flip flops
    As low as $14.18
  7. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Ladies Trendy Slip ons
    ladies trendy slip ons
    As low as $18.66
  8. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Men Kilifi Sandals
    men kilifi sandals
    As low as $18.66
  9. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Ladies metallic Gold
    ladies metallic gold
    As low as $14.18
  10. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Hatua Blue Maasai Shuka
    hatua blue maasai shuka
    As low as $18.66
  11. Maasai Treads no imageKenya
    Hatua Kikoy Shuka
    hatua kikoy shuka
    As low as $18.66

13 Items

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