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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Petros’ love of Art from early on has taken him to the pinnacle of the Art world .Having studied Fine Art at Peter Birch School of art and Zimbabwe National Arts Gallery of Visual Art Studios,he ventured into sculpture thereafter. His journey has been that of research coupled with plenty of experimentation, resulting in his love for mixed media, which not only has opened a wider door of ideas but an array of new techniques as well.

He has managed to garner features in a number of exhibitions both locally and internationally such as:

2013 Group exhibition at Constitutional hill Johannesburg SA
2014 to 2017 Between the Shadow & the light exhibitions U.S.A
2016 and 2017 Group exhibition with Cherie De Villiers Gallery, Jhb. SA
2015 art Santa FE New Mexico USA
2016 Affordable art fair New York USA
2017 Solo exhibition Brooklyn mall Pretoria (with Mercy Collect). Pretoria

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