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Ananse Platform Simplifies Global And Local Transactions For African Designers, Artists And Artisans

Africans are born storytellers, since the times of old. Ananse (/əˈnɑːnsi/) Africa is the meeting place for authentically African, independent brands to tell their stories. Storytelling in African cultures has been a way of passing down traditions, keeping cultural practices, as well as maintaining a sense of community. The story of Ananse can be traced back to West African folklore from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. An ode to the origin, Ananse Africa is a digital platform for brands to tell their stories through our e-commerce marketplace.

A Web Of Inter-Connectivity

Many African artisans, designers and artists face various challenges, making it difficult to transact with customers throughout the world. Ananse Africa is an exciting new digital platform, born to unlock the African creative economy, empower designers, merge tech and fashion; and most importantly, enable consumers from all over the world to shop online for beautiful pieces, from talented artisans, designers and artists throughout key African regions.
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Creating Economic Opportunities For Talented Youth And Women Creatives Across Africa

We are supporting local supply chains across 12 African countries, empowering SMME's which are 70% women. Ananse is equipping African fashion and design creatives with the tools for digital trade; creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people and women in these communities.

Build Local, Think Global

To be successful in a post-COVID world, our focus is to create accessibility through sustainability. Build local supply chains and production hubs throughout key African regions; in addition to accommodating customers that are increasingly buying more online. Ananse Africa is bringing the benefits of international digital payments and shipping logistics to talented creatives across Africa through our technology
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A Curated Creative Community

All designers, artisans and artists on the Ananse Africa digital platform are carefully selected, to ensure a gold standard of good quality products. Customers can also communicate directly with designers through the platform, and ask questions about product, enabling an easier future shopping experience. Our designers are considered and our customers inspired on the Ananse Africa, the platform that tells your story.

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