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waiting for a ceremony - damilola ajegbomogun

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Waiting for a Ceremony - Damilola Ajegbomogun
I ask Time whether I could return to the last station that we had passed, and he said; 'Honey, this train never goes back, however you once laid the track forwards from here, yourself. The next station was built by you! And then he narrowed his eyes, put his head on one side and breathed unpleasantly; 'But you can always leave the train. This piece further explained... "Perhaps we are lucky even to be noticed by another human being. He had been querulous. ‘Are we the river passing through a static history? Or are we alive in a static moment, a bridge, and the river of time flowing under us?’ He pressed his forehead into the piano, great sounds possessing him, and his cheeks streaming. He was stopped by this, grasping him close. ‘You,’ he breathed. ‘You. I see you.’ How often are we seen? Is a human being ever heard?” Or the time is not now. Artist: Damilola Ajegbomogun Medium: Oil on Canvas Style: Figurative Year: 2023 Size: 146cm X 121cm X 3cm Weight: 3.0kgs Unstretched and Unframed
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