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  1. WOLF COUTURE no imageGhana
    Alpha and Duke Bracelet
    alpha and duke bracelet
    As low as $10.00
  2. AKAZI AFRICA no imageKenya
    Black and white diamond square ring
    black and white diamond square ring
    As low as $36.36
  3. AKAZI AFRICA no imageKenya
    Black outer rectangular earring
    black outer rectangular earring
    As low as $33.57
  4. VICTORIOUS CRAFTS no imageKenya
    Sunflower Pendant Chain
    sunflower pendant chain
    As low as $20.75
  5. VICTORIOUS CRAFTS no imageKenya
    Black Triangle Ring
    black triangle ring
    As low as $13.83
  6. VICTORIOUS CRAFTS no imageKenya
    Chess Ring
    chess ring
    As low as $41.50
  7. VICTORIOUS CRAFTS no imageKenya
    Full Moon Black Cuff
    full moon black cuff
    As low as $20.75
  8. VICTORIOUS CRAFTS no imageKenya
    Double Half Moon Black Cuff
    double half moon black cuff
    As low as $20.75
  9. ENKAYA DESIGNS no imageKenya
    4 Strand Threaded Beaded Collar Necklace
    4 strand threaded beaded collar necklace
    As low as $55.00
  10. CHEERYBABY no imageGhana
    Black Star Earrings
    black star earrings
    As low as $11.15
  11. CHEERYBABY no imageGhana
    Orbit Statement Earrings
    orbit statement earrings
    As low as $8.18
  12. WOLF COUTURE no imageGhana
    Afriq Rougue Vines Necklace
    afriq rougue vines necklace
    As low as $30.00
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