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Women Empowering Women

ARA EMPORIUM is a contemporary womenswear brand with an edge. We manufacture unique pieces in small batch quantities, with a focus on value-for money, quality fabric. When the brand was conceptualized, we wanted to service what we saw as a gap in the market - to sell versatile clothing for working professionals.

Individuality Is Golden

Create pieces to encourage women's individuality and enhance their beauty, by providing the option to style her Ara clothing in a way that spurs her creativity and resonates with her personally. Our focus at ARA EMPORIUM has been to create garments from quality fabric, with a luxurious feel; paying attention to the flow, finishing, and durability.
'Photo courtesy of Ara Emporium’
'Photo courtesy of Ara Emporium’

Dear Women...

"Traveling has always been a big part of my job in the corporate world, and I always ended up with many suitcases filled with work clothes and a separate suitcase for business dinners and nights out". ARA WOMAN is a blend of the two. Our latest collection, DEAR WOMAN, an ARA EMPORIUM original was birthed in 2017 - an ode/love letter to women to their strength, to their femininity over decades and time.

Feminine Heritage Is Our Signature

These new collection pieces are reminiscent of our heritage feminine and classic signature, intertwined with vintage elements. In essence, DEAR WOMAN serves as a reminder that you don't have to wear a suit or act like a man to be strong; because being a woman is already powerful.
'Photo courtesy of Ara Emporium’
'Photo courtesy of Ara Emporium’

From Nigeria, Via Johannesburg To You

We want the brand to evoke the feelings of a strong and feminine woman that is ready to conquer whatever she sets her mind to while still being unique.

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